Why Buy a Span-Tech Fabric Building

Our designs are professionally engineered. Compare our building with any other. You will generally find higher and steeper arches, greater chord depths, more purlins per bay and more webbing between truss chords. Compare our buildings, you are getting a lot more building at a competitive price.


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Post fabrication hot dip galvanization provides superior corrosion resistance coating both inside and outside of the welds. 


Clearspan Interiors

No interior columns or supports allowing easy access for machinery, vehicles and equipment


Superior Lighting

Our roofing material allows natural lighting decreasing overall energy consumption and lighting cost.

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Designed for your site specific requirements and meeting International Building Code.

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American Made

We source only American made steel. Steel structures are manufactured in Houghton, IA. Covers are fabricated in USA.

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Low Maintenance

Never any need for painting. Span-Tech buildings offers years of dependable service with little to no maintenance. 


Air Quality

Our buildings naturally create a jet stream that moves air through the building creating a superior environment.

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All Span-Tech building systems can be containerized for easy intermodal freight options, including, ship, rail and truck making international shipment easy.


Quick Installation

Designed for quick installation. Projects can be built faster so customers can use thier building sooner.

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Lease, purchase and other financial services available. Including special programs for agricultural use, townships and municipalities.

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You will generally find greater chord depths, more purlins per bay and more webbing between truss cords. We just have more steel in our buildings than competitors.

We produce a high quality product. We are may not be the cheapest building on the market. We design with safety and longevity in mind at a competitive price.


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