Flat Grain Storage

Fabric Buildings are an excellent alternative to conventional grain storage like commercial grain bins or piles. Our flat storage system building provide greater versatility than a bin. When not being utilized for flat grain storage our buildings can be used to store equipment or other commercial commodities like fertilizer. Our systems are more convenient than a ground pile with no need to remove the cover. Our fabric building system offers a consistent environment for grain and reduces your material handling and overall storage cost per bushel while helping your bottom line.

Grain Conveyor


Load your building with ease.  Span-Tech can design trusses for mounting conveyors which can run the entire length of the building.  Span-Tech dealers can work with your general contractor and millwright to safely and effectively provide a turnkey facility.

Grain Curtain


Increase your building’s capacity at the lowest cost per bushel.  Span-Tech buildings can be designed to handle extra load from grain or other bulk commodities stacked against the building’s trusses.

Side Conveyor and Tower


Span-Tech buildings can be modified to handle the heaviest of side conveyors -- any span with just about any load.  Span-Tech buildings can support it -- all the while clear spanning your grain with no internal supports.


Span-Tech is flexible to your needs.  Our dealers have a wealth of resources including engineering, design, general contracting and installation.

Coveyors Legs


Span-Tech buildings can easily be modified to handle conveyor legs.  Use your existing tower and design our building into your grain management system.

Grain Drying Fan


Span-Tech’s sister company, Conrad American, has been building grain and oilseed storage and accessories since 1968.  Conrad American manufactures fans which can be economically provided for your upcoming installation.

Base Angle v2.JPG


Forces on grain buildings can easily run in excess of 10,000 lbs per truss.  Your building must be properly anchored.  Span-Tech’s design utilizes vertical kick plates on the interior to prevent over stressing of the wall.

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